Ninja Saga Emblem is a one time, permanent upgrade to an account that unlock premium features in Ninja Saga.

Obtaining a Ninja Emblem

A free user can apply a Ninja Emblem at anytime. However, a Ninja Emblem costs 19.99 U.S. dollars (currency converter) in any form of payment, 200 Facebook Credits, or redeeming an Ultimate Gamer Card (19.99 U.S. dollars) for Ninja Saga.

Players can apply a Ninja Emblem in several ways. One way of purchasing a Ninja Saga emblem is going to the “Buy Ninja Emblem” tab above the game. Another way to apply for a Ninja Emblem is by going into Headquarters and apply one directly there. Another way to apply for a Ninja Emblem is by going into the Options menu and click “Upgrade.” And a final way of applying for a Ninja Emblem is by attempting to purchase a Ninja Emblem required item, pet, jutsu, talent, etc.

Why apply for Ninja Emblem?

  • Additional characters – A free player is only allowed to create one character. After applying for a Ninja Emblem, the player is then allowed to create up to six characters.
  • Premium items - Upon applying for a Ninja Emblem, the player is allowed to purchase premium items that requires a Ninja Emblem. Most premium items that can only be purchased by having a Ninja Emblem requires Tokens to purchase instead of Gold. This applies to to the Shop, Academy (for Genjutsu), Pet Shop, and Talent.
  • Token prices reduced – While a free user has to pay Tokens to do certain things, a premium user has token prices reduced for many different things except for items, pets, jutsu, and talent bought with Tokens.Free users can change their character’s name for 1000 Tokens while premium users can change any of their characters’ name for 600 Tokens. Customizing hair and skin color costs 300 Tokens for free users but are free for premium users.Free users can reset and remove all of their Ninjutsu elements by paying 1000 Tokens while premium users can reset and remove all of their Ninjutsu elements for 200 Tokens but there are no refunds for skills bought with either Gold or Tokens.Resetting Attribute Points cost 300 Tokens and can only be reset only once for a free user but premium users can reset their characters’ Attribute Points for free and have unlimited use.
  • Consumable item capacity - Free users can only carry up to 40 consumable items in their inventory (previously 20 consumable items). Premium users can carry twice the amount of consumable items (up to 80 consumable items) in their inventory (previously 40 consumable items).
  • Learning jutsu – When learning a Ninjutsu or Taijutsu from the Academy, a free user would have to wait to successfully learn a Jutsu at level 5 and above (excluding Kinjutsu where the player pays with Tokens). The player would have to wait 1 hour (from level 11) to 24 hours (for level 31 and above). However a free player can instantly learn a jutsu before the waiting time is over by paying 200 Tokens. Premium users can instantly learn any jutsu from the Academy without having to wait and without paying Tokens. For free users, it is best to wait to learn the selected jutsu instead of paying 200 Tokens to learn it instantly.Also, a free user can only learn up to two elements of Ninjutsu but a premium user can learn up to three elements of Ninjutsu.
  • Recruiting and challenging friends – When a free user recruits a friend’s character for a mission, that character can only be recruited one per day. Emblem users can recruit the same character unlimited amount of times a day.This is similar to challenging friends. When a free user challenges a friend, the player can only challenge that friend once per day so that their friends can recover for the day but premium users can challenge their friends as many times as they want without their friends to recover.
  • Missions – There are some Special Events and Daily Missions that only premium users can do that free users can do. In additional to that, missions that are for premium users only give more Gold and Experience Points (XP).
  • Special Events - Currently, there are two Special Events for premium users only: (Premium) Get Antler (Lv. 5, 800 Gold, 400 XP) and (Premium) Thieves! (Lv. 8, 1600 Gold, 750 XP).
  • Daily Missions - There are currently a total of 8 Daily Missions for free users and premium users and 10 extra Daily Missions for premium users that usually give more XP and Gold for a level than their free user counterpart.
  • Exclusive bonus for Ninja Emblem - Starting on January 13, 2012, a feature called Exclusive Bonus for Ninja Emblem became available for premium users only. Once per day, premium users can claim 10 Tokens and instantly level up a character. And once per account, premium users can claim all skills from one elemental Ninjutsu for one character (including Token skills).
  • Ads - Free users would have pop-up ads in the game. Premium users don’t have ads popping up in game.

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