Cheat Ninja Saga

This is how the ninja saga hack looks like:
download ninja saga cheat
The new version :
Download cheat ninja sga
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To Get The Tokens, Gold and Water(Cheat Ninja Saga) You Must Finish The 2 Steps Bellow
Rememmber : You Must!!!

Step 1 – Copy the text bellow and paste it to 3 different pages on facebook, pages about Ninja Saga noramly.

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Step 2 – Like and share our facebook fan pages

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One quick survey is required to be completed in order to UNLOCK the DOWNLOAD for the Ninja Saga GLITCH SOFTWARE! Thank you for your patience. (*Ninja Saga Tokens,Gold or Water will not be credited if you do not complete a Free Survey..*)
This is my profile and look at the gold i have:
Ninja saga tokens hack download 


You can start(enable) the hack pressing the start button or the F1 hotkey from the keyboard. While the hack is enabled you can do:

  • Ninja Saga Level UP Hack – Easy level up to any level - by clicking the F3 button your character will automatically raise up 1 level (if you are lvl 1 you will become level 2; if you are level 5 you will become level 6 and so on).
  • Ninja Saga Unlimited Gold Hack - Get maximum amount of gold - enter the number of gold you wanna have in the hack and click on the generate/update button to transfer them into your account.
  • Ninja Saga Unlimited Token Hack - Cheat Ninja saga with free tokens - enter the number of tokens you wanna have in the hack and click on the generate/update button to transfer them into your account.
  • Ninja Saga Custom Stats And Maximum CP and HP Cheat - This feature allows you to manage your stats and add max wind, fire, thunder, water and earth points to your ninja. Also you can change the CP and HP you have to max which will make you resistant to any damage you take and you will always be able to cast ninjutsu.
  • Ninja Saga Emblem Generator – Get Ninja Saga Emblem For Free - Ninja Saga Emblem will be generated to your account everytime you click generate/update  totally for free. You can also use your tokens to get ninja saga emblem but this is more simple option.

Close this hack buy clicking the exit button or press F2 from the keyboard.


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